Monday, 23 April 2012

**MIXTAPE ALERT** Treats and Sweets

This post was meant to go up around Easter, in time for the gluttonous religious event that has everyone gaining an extra 4lb by the time it's over. A few weeks too late shouldn't matter too much because this mixtape is relevant all year round. I've decided to dedicate an entire mixtape to the delicious treats that we like to have on occasion (i.e. every day. Don't judge me).

From 'milkshake' to 'chocolate' there are a lot of tracks that make my mouth water for many reasons. Take my advice, this mixtape is best enjoyed in the company of Ben, and Jerry too, lying in a bathtub full to the brim with dairy milk chocolate. It would mean you'd have to face cleaning the bathroom the next day but it'd be worth it.

1. Sweet Like Chocolate- Shanks & Bigfoot
2. Milkshake- Kelis
3. Burger Baby- Gravy Train!!!
4. Mama's Gonna Make Us a Cake- The Casual Dots
5. The Beer- Kimya Dawson
6. Chocolate Eyes- Voodoo Queens
7. The Sweets- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8. (Yr So Sweet) Baby Donut- Cold Cold Hearts
9. Forming / Hot Chocolate Boy- Hole
10. Licorice Whip- The Bangs
11. Cakewalking- Young Marble Giants


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