Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Some bands love to seen, heard and talked about. They fantasise about becoming the next Lana Del Ray-sized internet hit and as a result they compose every aspect of their band around becoming 'searchable'. Google groupies is what they are. Fortunately some bands are going against the SEO grain, like Household and their entirely un-googleable name.

Try searching for Household in Google (or you preferred search engine) and see what comes up. I got a couple million pages on everything but the band. It seems Household have a sense of humour since they called their debut album 'Items', which does not help their searchability one bit.

Household are a three piece Brooklyn-based band made up of Talya Cooper (guitar and vocals), Jenna Weiss-Berman (drums and vocals) and Isabel Freeman (bass).  Lo-fi to the extreme Household mix rattling snares, rumbling bass lines and droll, matter-of-fact vocals to muster up a sound that can only be described as if Young Marble Giants, Grass Widow and Delta 5 spent the summer renting an apartment in Brooklyn and formed an awesome super band.

Album opener 'Go Away' is definitely the stand out track. It has a soaring, catchy chorus that sees Cooper softly yell "defective, defective"; a comment on old fashioned views of a 'woman's role' or just a statement about a broken household item. You decide (I think it might be the first one to be honest). Songs stop abruptly, change direction and fascinate you in ways you couldn't believe.

Household's minimalist, lo-fi style is certainly a winner and although they have only been quietly discussed on a few blogs here and there, mainly because no one can find them, that is no reflection on the band or their album, which is an impressive debut that everyone should feel excited about.

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