Thursday, 9 February 2012


A little treat for any Deal enthusiasts out there, here we have a very early Breeders demo from 1988.

The demo features a collection of songs that would later be straightened out and cleaned up to appear on Pod, Last Splash and the Pixies second album Doolittle.

It's interesting to listen to the beginnings of songs that you know well and seeing how much or how little they changed.

Breeders fans will be happy to hear a very, very early version of 'Divine Hammer' floating around on this demo. Who knows when Ms Deal will be releasing another Breeders album, so this will have to do for now.

1. Rave On
2. Only In 3's
3. Glorious
4. Fortunately Gone
5. Doe
6. Drivin' on 9
7. Silver
8. When I Was a Painter
9. You Always Hang Around
10. Overcome  
11. Limehouse

DOWNLOAD: Pod Demos- Breeders

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