Friday, 9 July 2010


If you think that I get all of my new music from 6 Music then you would be correct (It's Lauren Laverne she's too nice you can't help but listen to her) but this is a great band.

Haight-Ashbury are a Glaswegian trio who make music that evokes their heroes such as Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. The band is made up of Scott James Ashbury on guitar, Jennifer Ashbury on vocals/drums and Kirsty Heather (you guessed it) Ashbury on vocals/bass.

Even though they are from Scotland the trio have a free spirit, peace and love, San Francisco hippy thing about them.

My favourite song is 'Freeman Town' where the two female singers harmonise and discuss, well this is my interpretation, the ideas of female solidarity and freedom.

Me and my girl ain't hangin' around/ Livin' out here in a Freeman town

I get the feeling this band are going to get big soon so listen  to them now and you can say I knew them when.

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