Monday, 25 January 2010

You're a Mess (In That Music Video) Girl

There is an interesting post over at NME questioning why artists always want to use the druggy, dishevelled, 'edgy' girl in their videos.

There has always been an air of mystery surrounding girls that don't follow the rules shall we say and generally look like their one line away from a breakdown.  That's where the fun lies.

There has also been this new phenomena of the 'extreme party girl' in the media.  I say extreme because the 'ladies let's have a good time but only if you strap you boobs up to your chin and go back home to your boyfriend' female singers have been around for a while.

The phenomenon of Ke$ha is a good example. Actually anyone who has a dollar sign in their name is a good example. Ke$ha, what did her parents expect giving her a name like that.

Ke$ha, pronounced keeh-sha don't get it wrong she posted a whole YouTube video about it, has whirled up a media storm around her in America with her new single 'Tik Tok' which basically follows the rules of let's get drunk, take some drugs and generally get down tonight.

Now I don't now Ke$ha but I always find these attempts to look different, whether it's looking drunk or wearing sunglasses at midnight, questionable.

Is she for real or is this all a carefully constructed media cue to get to buy more alcohol or invest more in eyeliner, I don't know.

If she is really as wasted as she looks half the time is that really a good thing.

The only thing we know for sure is that Ke$ha is going to tear it up in 2010 and we wish her the best.

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