Sunday, 24 January 2010

You Should Get Plugged

*Originally posted at the wonderful Neu Magazine

Plug are a London two piece consisting of a Sian and a Georgie. They make dreamy, off beat, beepy, shouty music with a rough Raincoats vibe. Check ‘Body Story’ with its DIY, minimal and childlike feel or 'You Keep The Beats' raw and rough chorus. Their twinkly opening chords can sound like they were played on a ‘toddler’s first keyboard’ [but by a very capable toddler] but they understand that being DIY isn't about playing badly. Despite not caring the duo have bloggers, music critics and kids at shows doing backflips over them. 

But they're not the only Plug around. Take a look, there's "G Funk" indie boy-band Plugs and blues rockers PLUG to name just two. As if they care. Plugs have put all their faith in their music because it's the tunes that really matter, not how you're packaged right? How very yesterday...

Still not won over? Listen again. The breathtaking lyric ‘lay your language on me’ will definitely leave you speechless.

Their Fresh Pleasures / Nonchalant Love Ltd. 7" is now sold out but you can still buy B-Boy / You Keep The Beats Ltd. 7" from shows or Parlour Records

Watch Plug play live for Upset The Rhythm below.

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