Saturday, 13 June 2009

**Who Took The Bomp- The Best of Le Tigre**

In light of the recent news that everyone's favourite feminist electro-pop band, Le Tigre, are alive, well and apparently working with Christina Aguilera, no one saw that one coming, we here at Don't Dance Her Down Boys... decided to take a stroll down memory lane and reminise over our top five favourite Le Tigre songs.

5. Keep On Livin'- The LGBT anthem is a dance fest and a half with the best guitar riff I've heard in a long while. The video is pretty cool too.

4. Seconds- I love a good rant and this is a rant and a half. Le Tigre whether together or apart have always been political individuals and Seconds, written in the wake of george bush's war on terrorism, captures them at their most politcal.

3. Hot Topic- A list of the most influential women and feminists in the world is not what many would think makes a hit record but when you add trumpets, hand claps and uplifting choruses it becomes so much more than that.

2. TKO- What a knockout. it's understandably a little more commercial than previous efforts to it's still way more dancable and lovable than anything in the Top 20 now, not that i know but I bet £20 Le Tigre will beat them hands down.

1. Deceptacon- Nothing on this earth could beat this song in the dancablity factor. It's just amazing.

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