Saturday, 2 May 2009

*MIXTAPE ALERT* grrls with guitars

Here is the second mixtape for don't dance her down boys. This mixtape is for those who love heavy heavy riffs and the girls that rock them out, enjoy x.x.x.

Track list:
1. Speak To Me Bones- Land of Talk
2. The Fox- Sleater-Kinney
3. Broken Plates- Magenta Lane
4. Meet Ze Monsta- PJ Harvey
5. Hit It Hard- Peaches
6. 22- Magneta Lane
7. Boys Wanna Be Her- Peaches
8. I Wish I Was Someone Better- Blood Red Shoes
9. This Is Not For You- Blood Red Shoes
10. Harder (Live)- PJ Harvey
11. My Dick Sux- Giant Drag
12. Jonah Ray is A-Okay (But That's All Hearsay)- Giant Drag
13. Into You- The Bangs
14. We Want More- The Bangs
15. Pretend We're Dead- L7

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