Monday, 21 June 2010


I was procrastinating on the web the other day looking for stuff on the post punk band The Mo-dettes when I came across this seemingly long forgotten band from the same era.

Dolly Mixture were an all girl British post punk band who released a series of lo-fi, jangly sing song singles about boys, romance and girls they don't like.

Dolly Mixture consisted of Debsey Wykes, vocals, Rachel Bor, guitar, and Hester Smith, drums. They mixed the romance of the Shangri-La's with the awkward, girlish charm of the Raincoats and their own pop sensibilites.

Even though they formed in 1979 in the era when punk ruled all and were girlfriends of punk band The Damned they never took the punk attitude seriously. Instead the girls enjoyed knitting and riding bikes, hobbies I know a few post riot grrrls enjoy.

The fact that I love most about Dolly Mixture is that their song 'How Come You're Such A Hit With The Boys Jane' is a direct jab at the Mo-Dettes bassist Jane Crockford. Oooh I love a bit of drama.

Dolly Mixture, along with a few other post punk bands of that era, were the template for basically every lo-fi, bike riding, knitter loving, crafty girl bands.

Dolly Mixture broke up in 1984 and each member went off to form their on respective bands including Coming Up Roses and Saint Etienne.

In July the band will release a three CD box set that will feature the 'demostration tapes' album, all of the bands singles, additional demos and rare live recordings.

I love Dolly Mixture and I hope you do too.

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