Thursday, 6 August 2009

No Male Editors

After the news that Conor McNicholas, who has edited the NME for nearly a decade now, is leaving, for Top Gear magazine of all places, it has been revealed that he is being replaced by a woman. Krissi Murison is the new editor of the prestigious NME. This is a first in the magazine's history and a great leap forward for female journalists but what does this mean for women.

Murison worked for NME for six years until February when she left for greener pastures and became the music director for Nylon magazine in New York.

Murison was hopefully picked because she previously worked as the Deputy Editor and I'm guessing she knew the magazine inside out. I don't think it was a conscious decision to employ a female editor.

Also we have to question whether a female editor would actually want to do more for other women. The NME employs amazing writers but it is a mainstream magazine which caters to the mainstream, usually young white middle class men, by giving them the mainstream, young white middle class men in bands. The falling sales figures have hurt the magazine quite badly lately so the staff have to cater to their market more than ever which leaves out everyone else including women.

Murison starts her new job on 1st September so only time will tell how well she does. No matter what she does I wish her well. I did work experience there for two weeks and it's a hard job, theirs was not mine I didn't really get to do that much, and I hope it all works out well. Don't Dance Her Down Boys will be waiting in line to get her first issue when it comes out.

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